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Poetry – home to complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

For me, poetry has always been about paying a different kind of attention… About activism and social justice, about personal voices as well as communal, about the power of imaginative thinking and (self) compassion

Between the Borders of Who We Are

Recently I had the pleasure of co-producing a creative writing workshop “Your Story Matters” as a part of the Footsteps Festival, a volunteer-led, collaborative year-long festival that celebrates people living with pain through the means of art and education. Eighteen of us came together, all across the globe, to meet in togetherness, behind our screens.

What is Narrative Medicine?

Different things make different people feel like themselves. For me, that has always been the written word. Even though I can appreciate many forms of art, it is the narrativity, imagery and performativity that lives within the world of text that makes my heart beat a little bit faster.